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SO—AND—SO. The Magazine as an Art Form.
Newsletter n. 04 - November 16th, 2012.


We've known this gentleman since long time. He should be defined the collage genius of our time. Gestalten has just published a book dedicated to his visionary artworks and he is also the mind - and the camera - behind Close Up and Private experimental visual blog. CUAP project has been around since 2009 with our contribution for Visual Design and Art Direction. We are also working to the release the first issue of Close Up and Private Magazine, that will be present during the next edition of Pitti Uomo in Florence.
We are proud to announce the collaboration with Denmark based artist Sergei Sviatchenko for the third issue of SO-AND-SO.
The release of the publication is scheduled for next Summer with a brand new series of collage. Stay tuned for updates!
Artist web site
CUAP project


On Monday November 19th 2012 at 2pm, SO-AND-SO will meet students of Exhibition Display Workshop held by Professor Cornelia Lauf, Assistants Camilla Salvaneschi and Corinne Mazzoli, at IUAV University in Venice, Faculty of Art and Design, Magazzini Ligabue.
We are going to describe the way the publication was born as practical application of the theoretical research on the magazine considered as art form; the concept design behind each issue and the way the project develops from the first scratches to the actual printing binding processes. We are very proud to present the project where everything started some years ago...
Feel free to stop by if you are around Venice. After the lecture we can have a spritz all together, of course!
Direction and info

121 CORRAINI BOOKSTORE Corraini 121+

This fall there is another distribution point for our publication.
You can find SO-AND-SO books and other prints good of ours at 121+ Bookstore by Corraini Publisher in via Savona 17/5, Milano, Italy.
Check the store out if you are around there, it's pretty amazing!
Bookstore and publisher web site
Other stores and galleries

yes we letterpress! archivio tipografico Archivio Tipografico

Ladies and gens, we are officially in the business!
We offer letterpress design and printing services with the collaboration of Archivio Tipografico by Emanuele Mensa.
It's a huge printshop in Torino, probably the best in Italy for presses equipments and collection of metal and wood typefaces.
Drop a line for more information or to visit the shop web site:
Printshop website

We love Christmas. Do you love free shipping and sales? Books and goods from the store

Last copies of SO-AND-SO eBoy and a few of SO-AND-SO Hoogerbrugge are still available to order.
Visit now our online store, discounted prices are available and worldwide shipping is now included. You will also find letterpress goods made in collaboration with Archivio Tipografico, like the anaglyph 3D poster and the set of Christmas Songs Cards set made with original vintage wood and metal types.
If your order will be by December 8th, we promise we'll send it to you by express mail before Christmas eve. Hopefully the postman will be dressed like Santa!
Visit the web store

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SO—AND—SO, The Magazine as an Art Form, is an artistic/editorial project for a collector's limited edition, monographic and periodical artist's publication by Anna Follo and Nello Russo.
For further information about the project visit our About page

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